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Dynamic Shoe Polish Machine With Side Brushes

Dynamic Shoe Polish Machine With Side Brushes
Category : Shoe Polish Machine
Material:S S Steel Finish
Dimension:51 cm x 32 cm x 49.5 cm (width x depth x height)
Warranty:1 year Manufacturer Warranty
Model No:SPM008
Weight:15 Kg
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Automatic shoe polishing machine is operated by the infrared system. As you insert your shoes in the slot provided, the sensor gets activated and the soft brush present in it starts rotating automatically and removes the dust from the shoe. Then you need to press the shoe towards the nozzle which contains the cream polish in a dispenser for black and brown colours separately. This process is completed in just 30 seconds and your shoes are well polished. By this we can shine our shoes any time or anywhere

Additional Information

  • Fully automatic machine
  • uses sensor technolgy
  • easy to use and clean your shoes in seconds

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"Dynamic Shoe Polish Machine With Side Brushes "

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